Lighthouse & Dorn Rock Sunset – Portpatrick – Metal Wall Art

Bring Portpatrick into your home with this stunning metal print of the Lighthouse & Dorn Rock Sunset, with an Oil Painting effect on a digital image.

Available in 3 sizes.


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Custom prints also available. Add you own image and create your personalised Canvas Wall Art here.


Metal Prints produce vibrant colours and amazing clarity with a super hard scratch resistant surface that is also waterproof, weatherproof and resistant to solvents.

Production & Shipping

Our Metal Wall Art is manufactured in the UK. Please allow  up to 14 Days for delivery of your Metal Wall Art. We allow 24 hours between receipt of order and move to production. We then aim to produce and ship within 3 days. We use Royal Mail and delivery time will rely on mail service to and within your country.

Note that Covid19 restrictions may apply and delivery times can be uncertain under these present circumstances.


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